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I don't usually feel like sweet things in the morning. Until I tried this mixture. It's not actually massively sweet, but I like Marmite-style-savoury most of the time. 


It keeps you going, unlike a normal bowl of porridge which makes me want more food by 11 o'clock, and all the different tastes and textures with each bite. yesssir please. 


Ingredients (serves 2) 


1/2 cup of porridge oats (can use gluten-free oats)

1/3 cup of chia seeds

tsp cinnamon powder

dessert spoon of sunflower seeds

dessert spoon of pumpkin seeds

hazelnuts, almonds (any nuts you fancy in fact)

pinch of salt

cup of coconut milk

cup of water 

1/2 cup of raspberries 

1 tbsp desiccated coconut

1 dessert spoon of coconut oil 

freshly grated ginger 

1 tsp agave nectar (optional)


Put the oats, chia seeds, salt, coconut milk., water, salt in a small pan. Bring to the boil then turn down and simmer. Add the sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Keep stirring the simmering mixture so it doesn't stick to the pan, then turn off the heat once the liquid has been drunk by the oats and seeds and you are happy with their consistency (add more water or coconut milk if you prefer it to be more liquid).


While the above is cooking, gently toast the hazelnuts if you are using them, watch them as they toast very quickly! Once they are done, leave them to cool for a second. before bashing them gently in the pestle and mortar, with the raw almonds if using them too. 


Then pop the desiccated coconut in a pan and toast for one minute or until the coconut turns golden - this too will cook too fast if you look away. 


Put the porridge in a bowl, sprinkle the nuts and coconut on top. Then put the spoonful of coconut oil on top, followed by the fresh raspberries. If you want extra sweetness - add a teaspoon of agave. 


Power Porridge

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