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The Wood Between the Worlds

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Thoughts from the beginnings of quarantine 2020....

I have been taught that everything in life is a lesson, and it is packaged neatly like the lesson we need to learn. Sometimes when we’ve been moving too fast, we are made to slow down.

Right now, most of us are being asked to stay inside our houses and this got me thinking.

Us 21st century chaps are pretty out in the world aren’t we - looking to taste and feel and see everything we can get our hands on. It seemed like we had everything we could imagine available to us whenever we wanted it, and so we look for more and more, we want to take more and be more and have more and live more. But there is always a limit - no? And if we don’t enforce a limit, then it gets put down for us.

We are now being forced to go inside out houses - we are being forced to be with ourselves. So what if we were to take this opportunity to go inside our houses - as in of our selves!

What if we could explore the mansions of our mind freely.

Do you know how little of our consciousness and mind we ever actually experience?

So I ask you to take a journey - go inside, first to get comfy, like you’re sitting in the comfiest chair ever sink right into your being. You might be surprised with how jumpy, restless or agitated things feel down there, but that’s okay - sit with it.

And then you could take yourself on a journey. A house you lived in when you were little a dream you had at that time too. Your first love and what happened there. You even as a little child. I remember once, when I was doing an exercise like this, I was suddenly face to face with my four year old self - I recognised her because of the house we were in (I moved around all the time when I was growing up, so each stage of my life is defined by a different city, home, and haircut).

While I was with her I realised how proud she was of the woman I had become - and at that moment I was able to hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay. Because at the age of 4 I didn’t know it was. I found a lot overwhelming and often felt misunderstood.

I realised at that moment, that she was still me, and I was her, and I was also alll the little chaps throughout my life as I had been growing up - all the stages, haircuts and different homes. They were all me.

If you are worried that you might get bored while in isolation, know that there are infinite recesses to explore and get comfy with inside yourself, and once you find this strength, I think you remove some of the barriers between you and those around you.

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