Ayurvedic Consultation with Selina 

First Consultation

Usually lasting between 1.5 - 2 hours, we will go through your health history, and what has brought you to Ayurveda. This is a great time to discuss what you want out of the sessions and where you hope to head with your well being. We will look at where you have been, where you are going, as well as your unique constitution. We will then make a plan for bringing you back to balance, as well as setting out a lifestyle strategy in order that you can maintain this equilibrium. 

Cleanse and reset

9 times out of 10 after the first session I will take you through a tailored cleanse. This helps clear toxicity from the channels of the body and mind, allowing us to see where you are at more clearly. 


Following treatments

My aim is to give you the tools so you can go forth without me, with the knowledge and confidence that you can create balance and harmony in your life through a lifestyle that supports you. This usually takes 2-3 sessions. 

I recommend seasonal junction cleanses: you can come back to me for that, and if you need support or a reset. 

Specialising in

Immunity, rejuvenation, female health, system cleansing and rebalancing, gut health, chronic illness, auto-immune disease and general well being. 


I like to begin with a phone chat, to answer questions and see if my method is a fit for you.  


Then, initial consultation £100 (1.5 - 2hrs), follow-up consultations £70 (1 hr).

Concessionary and discount prices available, please get in touch to discuss. 

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more hello@atyourbest.one