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At Your Best was founded by Ayurvedic practitioner and physician, Selina Van Orden. 


Selina qualified at the College of Ayurveda in the UK, after over five years of study. Her training included: internal medicine (kaya chikitsa); herbal medicine (dravyaguna); rejuvenative therapy (rasayana); Ayurvedic and Western nutrition, and massage therapy.


She completed her clinical training in Karnataka, India, working in a hospital and Panca Karma clinic; and at a clinic in Maharastra, under the tutelage of a renowned Ayurvedic Master. She is also apprentice to a Doctor of Ayurvedic and Western biomedicine in California. 

As a member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA), and passionate about making Ayurveda accessible to the mainstream, Selina has talked in in the British Houses of Parliament and European Parliament in Brussels, on how we might integrate Ayurveda into the modern Western medical system. 

Selina's approach is to equip you with the tools and confidence to look after yourself. By helping you rebalance yourself, she will aid you in understanding your unique mind/body constitution so you know how to remain in balance: calm, clear-headed and full of vitality.


She will suggest the foods that best suit your physiology and tendency of mind, as well as creating tailored plans to support your lifestyle. This is about a life of ease rather than dis-ease. 


Selina specialises in women’s health, auto-immune conditions, gut health, reproductive health, mental health and immunity. She has a column called Ask Selina, where people write in with their Ayurveda and wellness enquiries. 


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about an online or in-person consultation or session with Selina.

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